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Complimentary Day Passes for YP Members
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WifiAkamai Local Market Research Innovative Video Marketing Ads For Local Business
Category: Business Services Reputation Marketing Today Is Your Online Word of Mouth and Referral Network in Hawaii
Category: Business Services
If your company uses a proprietary system such as FareHarbor or Epicor Eagle, I can provide you the business intelligence you need.
Category: Business Services
Develop individual employees & teams for greater success in your organization. ETF provides 50% tuition assistance up to $ 500 cap per person, per course.
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New Events & Meetings for 2018
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Chamber Members receive free custom jewelry design consultation!
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Newman Consulting Services 808-596-0200, is a State of Hawaii licensed vocational school and Employment Training Fund training provider offering workforce development programs focused on upgrading the knowledge and skills of business owners and their employees; on-site evaluations and business success mentoring programs; and pre-employment training and internship programs focused on advanced business skills and application to support individuals overcome employment barriers and further career opportunities.
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